AKKEM - Alanya Cat- & Doghotel with Education Center

Daily plan for the dogs

Camera surveillance

A special service we offer the dog owners are the cameras in each accommodation. Hereby you have the opportunity to watch your favorite 24/7 security camera in his daily routine.

Even miles away, you are in control of your wellbeing.

Dog games

Your dog comes as a single guest and is socially acceptable? Then he has with us the opportunity to contact other friendly conspecifics.

Of course, this is done only under the supervision of our dog care to ensure a controlled game.


Your darling is used to being cuddled extensively by you? This closeness to cloth filling he finds also with our keepers. In contrast to many other dog hotels in Turkey, we also believe that cuddly units can help you overcome the pain of separation.

There are always caressing hands, who like to take on this task.


Let your dog train with us in individual training. We work with positive reinforcement in the training. This means that your dog will always be rewarded with a treat if he shows the desired behavior. The basic commands seat, place, stay and on foot are so trained and anchored in the memory of the dog.

Dog training without pressure and with the joy of learning ... that is our claim!


You have with us the opportunity to teach your dog under our guidance and with our help various basic commands. We give you valuable tips in dealing with the dog and correct any errors immediately to avoid misunderstandings between you and your darling.

Thus, you can both grow together on your success.


Of course, it is best if your dog also gets his usual food in our dog hotel. As a rule, we feed at a fixed time in the late afternoon. Of course, we take into account your wishes and feed your pet the way you want it. Does your dog need to take certain medications? That is also no problem!

We are responsible for ensuring that he gets what he needs and how he is used to it.

Go for a walk

Would you like an additional walk for your dog, carried out by our carer, or 1 hour of workload with small training sessions carried out professionally by our dog trainer during his stay with us? We are happy to offer you this service for an additional fee.

Of course, he always has the opportunity to solve himself on the freewheel in front of the accommodations. Here, our caretakers scrupulously take care to remove legacies immediately.


In addition to physical activity, brain work is very important for a dog. Here you can challenge him with dexterity tasks or teach him small tricks that promote his concentration.

On request, we adjust ourselves individually to your dog and work here with positive reinforcement and treats.

Rest time

Where is it better than on his usual bed?

At rest and at night, your darling feels safe and secure in his accommodation.


Of course, this feeling intensifies when your dog has his blanket with its smell in the strange environment.

Give him this piece of "home", he will love it!

Services und Prıces

Dog Training

We train your dog for the basic obedience!
Your darling will remain our guest for 30 days. In the first week begins the acclimatization phase. Then he learns in 3 weeks, the basic commands seat, place, stay and walk on the loose leash and all that gently and with positive reinforcement.

per dog | 30 days | please call us

Dog food by AKKEM | Dogs up to 15 kilos:

30 TL per day

Long term care

We look after your dog daily, weekly or monthly.


Depending on the size and habit of your dog, you have the opportunity to accommodate him in one of the different accommodations on our property.

per dog | 150 TL/per day

per dog | +30 days | 130 TL/per day

Dog food by AKKEM | Dogs up to 15 kilos:

30 TL per day

AKKEM - Alanya Cat- & Doghotel with Education Center

AKKEM - Alanya Cat & Dog Hotel and Training Center