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AKEM-Alanya Dog Training Center

Dog Training Center

A certain measure of basic obedience is with one
partnership human dog relationship.

Your dog learns from us, in light subordination exercises, the basic commands SEAT, PLACE, STAY, COME and ON FOOT go in word and with visual signs.

We work exclusively with POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, which means that the dog gets a reward for desired behavior. Every dog has its own personality that we respect and care for.

Therefore, the type of reward may also vary between treats and / or a toy.
Here we apply the gentle but also consistent dog training.

The dog should enjoy learning and execute the commands with pleasure and NOT because he is afraid of punishment.

In Turkey, only in the last 2-3 years a rethinking of the population regarding animals takes place. Gradually, there are more and more people who direct their thinking and acting along the lines of the Europeans. Our international customers appreciate our loving interaction with the dogs and confidently hand them over to our hands.

We are proud that we have two empathetic coaches for the task of basic dog training. Depending on your wishes, they will provide your dog with the commands in German, English or Turkish. In hindsight, there are no misunderstandings in the communication between you and your darling.


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