AKKEM - Alanya Cat- & Doghotel with Education Center

Dog hotel & Day Center

In our Dog Hotel in the area of Tepe, every dog findes suitable accommodatio through size and environmental habitat!

The reasons why you bring your dog to us are manifold:
Home leave, hotel stay, business trip, illness, work, shopping tour ...


As the owner, you have the choice between 17 spacious, standing-roofed accommodation with adjacent freewheels.

On the day of your arrival with your pet, please bring a collar, the usual food of your dog, your deckchairs or cushions and, of course, your favorite toy. Further more, we need the vaccination certificate with the chip number, the regular vaccination records and parasite treatments.

A registration form will be filled out carefully on arrival and includes the basic formalities such as name and address of the owner, information about the dog, duration of stay, information on peculiarities such as diseases, allergies, tablet administration, etc. also the name of the responsible veterinarian.

The fee for your dog's stay is payable on the day of arrival.

Our spacious accommodations with camera surveillance

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Important notes

There are inquiries for a dog stay wich creates us to also tell no.

This may, for organizational or healthy reasons, prevent us from putting

your dog to us!

Please understand that we can NOT house any female dogs  in heat. Even injured or newly operated dogs can not come to us, because we can not take over an intensive care for a quick recovery.


For the protection of our animal guests, we also do NOT include street dogs in our accommodation, so as to avoid the infection with any diseases.

However, if you have fallen in love with a street dog and would like to take it home with you, we offer you the possibility for a long-term stay from the date of the positive titer determination to the exit permit ... usually 3 months.

AKKEM - Alanya Cat- & Doghotel with Education Center

AKKEM - Alanya Cat & Dog Hotel and Training Center